Lottery Singapore – The Only Legitimate National Lottery

Lottery Singapore

A woman was left devastated after her friend snatched her lottery winnings worth $200,000 Singaporean dollars (approximately $153,000) and disappeared. The woman shared her story in a private Facebook group, claiming that she asked her friend to buy her a ticket for the 4D lottery but the latter ran away with the money.

Lottery Singapore is a legitimate national lottery that offers large jackpots for each drawing. It is organized by the state-owned lottery subsidiary, Singapore Pools, and was established in 1968. It was created to curb illegal betting and gambling activities in the country.

The Singapore Pools lottery is the only legal way to participate in a lottery in Singapore. Moreover, the company does not levy additional taxes on winners. This is because it is a government-owned entity and is already generating a significant amount of revenue from lottery and sports wagering.

In addition to this, the profits from Singapore Pools are used for various charitable activities and other government-related projects. Hence, it is an excellent option for those who want to try their luck in the lottery game without breaking the law.

The minimum price for a Singapore Pools ticket is $1, which includes GST. However, if you’re looking for extra benefits, you can purchase a system bet, which allows you to select more than six numbers. In fact, this type of bet is responsible for the most Toto wins to date. Moreover, it is more likely to win the highest prize compared to other bets.