Kiernan Kelly
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Kiernan Kelly writes romance and thriller novels in addition to young adult titles.  She’s had a lifelong addiction to books of all varieties, and will read anything she can get her hands on, up to and including cereal boxes and instruction manuals. She is also a lover of crafting, which she indulges in whenever her writing schedule permits. If she can’t be found in her office pounding away on her keyboard, she will probably be in her craft room, painting, drawing, sculpting, or crocheting something hideous. 

When Kiernan was a teenager, she dreamed of being a paleontologist until she realized such a calling might require her to go outside, get dirty and worst of all, suffer going without a phone for long stretches of time. Like for hours. This was well before the dawn of the internet and satellite phones, in fact, it was practically before the creation of the written alphabet.

In any case, once she put all thoughts of discovering new species of dinosaurs and naming them as one might name a new litter of kittens – Fluffisaurus Rex, for example - Kiernan discovered she had a talent for writing fiction, particularly of the romantic and thriller varieties. She sat down at a keyboard and hasn’t got up since.

Through all this, Kiernan’s saint of a husband has given her his full support, and she is forever grateful to him and her family for not abandoning her to survive in the desert somewhere with nothing but a laptop and a few skeins of yarn. 

Represented by: Saritza Hermandez